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About Us

The Italian Shop Owners Philippa Hansen and Luca Ros


Philippa Hansen and Luca Ros 

For the past fifteen years my husband Luca and I have been running our boutique travel business Italian Tours and taking small tour groups to some of the lesser known parts of Italy to give our visitors a more personal and authentic experience of the country we know and love.

Over many years of taking travellers to Italy we’ve built close relationships with local people who produce specialised products including oils and vinegars, distinctive Venetian glass jewellery, handmade olive oil cosmetics and beautifully patterned tableware and linens.

In 2020, we’ve launched Origine Italiana and used these contacts and friends to source a beautiful and unusual range of household and personal products that you’d normally only find in Italy. We have hand picked a growing range of these items to offer you through the store and we'll be adding more lines over the next few months. 

Ciao ciao,