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Erbario Toscano - Italian Products for the Bath and Body

 Countryside in Tuscany where Erbario Toscano products originate

Erbario Toscano

'Our soul is reflected in nature’: this family run company has specialised in natural bath gels, body creams, soaps and other beautiful toiletry items for a number of generations. These products are typical of the small erborista style products that can be found throughout Italy, each specialising in their own unique varieties using recipes that often trace back through generations. 

The Erbario Toscano range focuses on natural ingredients and unique fragrances. Their products are made using modern production techniques, and hand finished in small workshops in Tuscany. They choose recyclable packing and do not test on animals. 

I first came across the Erbario Toscano range in our favourite hotel in Florence, the Guelfo Bianco. When I was planning our wedding in Tuscany, I chose the beautiful Olive Complex range of products as gifts for our guests. 

We have three lines from Erbario Toscano in the store: Salis, Olive Complex and Black Pepper. Read more about each below or shop here.

Salis Range 
The Salis line is a product of the sun and sea, with marine notes redolent of minerals, wild myrtle and windswept thyme. Salis presents in beautiful packaging, offering a clean summery style that is sure to transport you to the Mediterranean. 

Beautiful Italian products for the body


Olive Complex Range
This range exploits the luxurious richness of olive oil to produce intensely nourishing and restorative skin care products that leave the skin silky and soft. The active ingredients include the energising, nourishing and smoothing Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive leaf extracts for their soothing and protective properties.


Italian Olive oil soaps and body lotions


Black Pepper Range 
With hints of citrus and black pepper fragrances, the Black Pepper line with its intensive and captivating scent appeals to those looking for something a little more mysterious and exotic.

Italian body lotions and soaps, perfect gift for men